The Festival of Lights

Diwali or Deepavali,
Crackers or lamps,
New clothes or sweets,
Cashew-bites or Almond drops,
Savoury mixtures or round murukkus.
First day first show,
Or TV premieres?

Partha Periappa or Kabali Mama?*
Too many questions,
Too many answers.
Get set for the festival of lights.
Set alight lamps,
Wear your new dresses,
Burst a few crackers,
But don’t make a nuisance.

Spare a thought,
For the ill and the old,
Our four-legged friends,
And our feathered friends,
Exercise caution, have fun.
Help the less fortunate.
Spread love, spread smiles!


* – Reference to Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple and Mylapore Kabaleeshwarar Temple. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva :)

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Matrikas Journal and Notebooks – Product Review

There is something special,
About jotting down,
One’s thoughts in a diary.
The feeling of closure,
When one writes down,
The day’s highs and lows,
The dreams and expectations,
The truth and reality,
All in our diary,
Using a pen in our own hands.
A diary is an extremely personal tool.

Something like a magic lamp,
When in the future,
We open the diary,
All the memories of the past,
Flash by in multi-coloured hues.
Page after page,
To remind us how far,
We have travelled in life.
And to remind us,
Many miles lie ahead!!!

I had a chance to review a set of journals/notebooks/diaries from Matrikas Paper Products. This is part of a Blogger Engagement Initiative and I am really thankful to fellow blogger Sulaiman who recommended this to me. I filled up a form on Facebook (Part of a Matrikas App). I received a courier well-packed with the products.

I have been writing personal journals for over 17 years now, starting from old corporate diaries that the elders in the family used to hand down to fancy notebooks and handmade-paper books and recycled paper notebooks, I have used a wide spectrum of products. A couple of years back I bought journal books sold by the Isha Foundation and loved the intricate cover designs and the paper quality.

This set of products from Matrikas took me by surprise and impressed me with the beautiful cover designs and top-class paper thickness and quality. I would like to recommend their products to all those who love to write.

Go ahead contact Matrikas right away :)


It has gone dark,
Pitch dark and cloudy,
Rain is falling
It is not a gentle,

The sudden sporadic,
Bursts of rain,
Sound like short bursts,
Of machine gun fire.
As I look out of my window.

As one grows older,
Rain no longer,
Brings back fond memories,
Of rare moments of joy,
In a melancholic past.

One just worries,
That the traffic is not,
More harried than usual,
And one hopes,
To reach home on time.

I am a Grandpa – Time Flies

Most of my dear regular readers know how attached I am to my pet Brownie. Circumstances and annoying neighbours in a multi-storied apartment complex forced me to hand over my Brownie to a farmer who stays a few kilometres away. I visit her every other weekend and spend time with her. The farmer is an old man whom I address as ‘thatha’/ ‘grandpa’. Brownie adapted to life at the farm and became a proper farm dog, bossing about the goats and cows there. In the process she also found a ‘mate’ for herself. To cut a long story short Brownie gave birth to a litter of seven puppies. Four survive, two were taken away by another farmer; one puppy was too weak to survive. So officially as I consider Brownie my sweet little baby girl, I am a thatha of sorts now.

It just seems like yesterday, when I found a small ball of fur. Time has just flown by…!

A previous post about Brownie.

I hope the other four puppies find a good home soon.

A Prayer

Every time I slip up,
I have been given,
A life-line,
Praise be to the Lord,
And my superiors.

Please my Lord,
Please let me,
Be true to the people,
Who have placed,
Their trust in me.

I have been given,
Yet another lease,
A chance to start afresh,
This is the final chance,
Lord, please don’t let me fail!

The Leaf Falls

Today my Amma slipped and fell. Thankfully she did not hurt herself. As I offered to lift her up, she said – ‘Wait I will get up on my own’. I stood patiently as she chose to drag herself across the floor from the kitchen to the living room. She was still not able to get up. I told her – ‘Amma, just close your eyes for one minute.’

She complied and I lifted her up, putting my hands below her shoulders and hoisting her up gently.

She got up sat on the bed for a while as I sprayed pain relief spray and then applied Moov ointment. I checked if she was fine and then proceeded to work.

I thank God that there was no serious injury. It is just that I keep wondering why Amma chose to wait for a while before she allowed me to lift her.

Some questions will always remain unanswered.

As the astrologer predicted the ‘falls’ are happening. The remedial pujas that are being conducted are mitigating the quantum of suffering.

As I continue to seek answers, I dread the inevitable.

I am preparing myself for the worst!

At times I just want to cry, cry, cry till all the tears dry up.

But it is pointless, if there is a tree, the tree will bear a leaf, the leaf will dry, it will fall.

Life goes on!

Run Fat Boy Run

There was a time when I used to box, train and run, nothing phenomenal, running was something that never fascinated me. But being an avid footballer and cricketer meant somehow or the other I ended up running a fair distance quite regularly.

Over the years as other incidents and accidents happened and priorities changed; the sole purpose of life has changed. The everyday rush to reach college followed by office on time meant that physical exercise took a back-seat, especially after life in the corporate zone happened.

My exercise is cycling roughly 3 kms a day (to and fro/total) from home to railway station and back and walking for about 1.5 kilometres (to and fro) another station in the city to office and back.

At time like these when I look at various news-items on sports events, I wonder what would have happened if some things had not happened in a very, very bitter past. I could have been an accomplished boxer or excelled at least one sport and represented my state if not the district. Some memories just do not fade away. The adrenaline rush when you pad up to face the 6.5 feet pace bowler from the other college team. The joy of a header that tricks the goal-keeper and fetches celebratory back-thumps and hugs from team-members. The sheer training that one imposed on one-self to become a powerful boxer. The endless time spent shadow-boxing and perfecting the one-inch punch.

I look back at myself and wonder, if I could create a wormhole/black-hole/flux some fancy term to go back in time!!!

OK what prompted this post???

Well our attendance register closes sharp at 9:55 AM at the reception counter. So today I ran and walked fast, ran and walked fast, akin to an old double-decker bus navigating through narrow by-lanes – to cover about a kilometre in around 8 or 9 mins, wading through the mush and slush of the overnight rains.

The joy of beating the clock brought back a whole bunch of memories.

As I sit back, relaxing for a while, wondering how life has brought me here, I can only be grateful for the small acts of mercy and kindness that the Lord has showered on me.

So back to work :) time for the fat boy to run, run to catch the train back home :)