E for Ente Mammattikuttyammaiku and Ee Thanhutha Velupan Kaalathil

E for Ee Thanhutha Velupan Kaalathil and Ente Mammattikuttyammaiku

A double delight in two interestingly contrasting genres 🙂

E was again an absolute mess and frankly I had totally forgotten about Fazil’s gem – Ente Mammattikuttyammaiku. This was the movie that gave us the little wonder Baby Shalini who would go on to win the Kerala State Award for the Best Child Artiste. A movie that tugs at one’s heart strings. The movie has Bharat Gopi and Mohanlal. The movie is about a rich couple who lose their only child in a boating accident.

In a coincidence of sorts they get a chance to meet another child who is similar in appearance to their dead child. It reaches a stage where Bharat Gopi and his wife prepare to adopt this new child that has come into their lives. Mohanlal is the father of this child. The emotional turmoil of the two couples and the lovely portrayal of Baby Shalini make this a must-watch. Poornima Jayaram shines in her role as the grieving mother as well.

Fazil remade the movie to great success in Tamil as Enn Bomukutty Ammaku!

Ee Thanhutha Velupan Kaalathu – ‘In this cold early morning’ – Padmarajan’s story and direction by Joshiy!

The next choice is a revenge saga and a psychological thriller of sorts with a stellar star cast Mammooty, Suresh Gopi, Nedumidi Venu, Sumalatha, Lakshmi and a host of others. Suresh Gopi steals the thunder from Mammooty portraying Christy an emotionally and psychologically disturbed young man.

Nedumidi Venu plays a spiritual leader with a strong following. He receives a death threat letter. He reports this to Mammooty the investigating police officer. As a number of influential people get killed in suspicious circumstances a pattern emerges. All the victims are college batch-mates!

How are they linked to the spiritual leader? What’s the true identity of Christy? Who is orchestrating the killings? Watch the movie to find the answers. Surprisingly this movie very rarely plays on Malayalam television channels, don’t know why!

Watch it if you like a good mystery!


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