F for Francis – Saint Francis – Francis Punyalan!

OK this is a small trick but then I did not want to take a sub-par movie and frame a review for it just for the sake of the Blogging Challenge. Plus I don’t know how frequent my writing will be post Feb-17 – so any bit of spare time with access to the internet will result in something being written and published for the Blogging Challenge.

The movie in question is actually a sweet little gem titled ‘Pranchiyettan and the Saint’ starring Mammooty.

The movie is the tale of a simple rice trader played by Mammootty who is quite rich; but lacks sophisitcation or a great education. A chance encounter of his with that of Punyalan St. Francis of Assisi and how his life changes is what is depicted in the story. 

Co-starring Jagadhi Sreekumar, Priya Mani, Tini Tom, Khushboo and others; this is a feel-good movie that reiterates the simple logic that ‘sincerity of purpose and a noble heart’ willhelp things get done. It is not one’s wealth, education or titles and awards that matter; but the desire and willingness to help others that counts.

Jagadhi is hired as a tutor to help coach a boy in clearing his Board Exams. The sequences involving Jagadhi and the boy are hilarious!

Innocent who plays Vasu Menon has some of the best lines in the movie and his interactions with Mammootty and the quest for praise and awards is really well done. There is a humourous take on an Oscar-winner shamelessly satirising Resul Pookutty’s achievements.

The movie was scripted, produced and directed by Ranjit and released in 2010. The movie was a phenomenal success and was a clean and hilarious look at modern society and the idiosyncrasies of its people!



  1. How could you forget Innocent’s role as Menon, Pranchiyettan’s friend in the movie and the ‘poo poo pooramgalude ….’ speech in this movie 😀 A lovely all time anyweather watch type of movie for me 😀


    1. Aah…. 😦 epic blunder – I lost my focus when I got a phone call! Post to be updated right away! 🙂


  2. I never get tired of watching this movie. The goodness in this movie was so inspiring, and this is one flick which was worth all the struggle we had to watch it first day first show at the local theatre when the malls were not that popular 😀


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