G for Godfather

OK hold on to your socks not the Mario Puzo gem brought to life by Marlon Brando – that’s another cup of green tea for another pleasant day!

Today we look at on of the best Malayalam comedies that was remade to great success in multiple Indian languages. The movie is ‘Godfather’ written and directed by the magic-duo of Siddique-Lal. Look at the sheer acting power of the cast below:

N. N. Pillai – Anjooran
Mukesh – Ramabhadran
Kanaka – Malu
Jagadish – Mayin Kutty
Innocent – Swaminathan
Thilakan – Balaraman
Philomina – Achamma
Siddique – Veerabhadran
K. P. A. C. Lalitha – Kochammini
Bheeman Raghu – Premachandran

The movie is basically the tale of two rich families, one led by an old man Anjooran with his four sons! The other family is led by the iron-lady Achamma. How the youngest scions of each family fall in love and unite the families is told in a hilarious manner with some stand-out performances. The movie also features a hit melody – Pookalam vannu Pookalam!

Ramabhadran his friend Mayin Kutty and Malu are all part of the same college campus; Ramabhadran insults Malu at every given opportunity and his family is also responsible for thwarting a marriage proposal that had come her way. Achamma hatches a plot where she instructs Malu to make Ramabhadran fall in love with her and then destroy the unity of Ramabhadran and his brothers.

Inevitably as it happens the charade turns real and Malu and Ramabhadran are deeply madly in love!

Ramabhadran has to convince his brothers and father to accept his love for Malu. Then a truth is discovered that Swaminathan played by Innocent is actually married to Kochammini dance-teacher and has children all living far away in another village. He leads a dual-identity. As Ramabhadran threatens to tell the truth some real mad-cap comedy plays on-screen. The sequences are seen to believed! Anjooran confronts Swaminathan – Swaminathan says that he is not Swaminathan – Anjooran says slap me to prove that! In utter confusion Swaminathan slaps another brother and says – I am not Swami but you are old enough to be my father – so how can I slap you!

He rushes home before his father and brothers can reach! In utter disbelief they look at Swami getting ready for an oil-bath at home! The expressions on the faces of everyone make the audience laugh and root for Swami! Then Kochammini comes with her children and threatens to commit suicide unless she is not recognised and accepted by the family! Finally the problem is resolved!

On a parallel track Achamma arranges for Malu to be married to someone else. How the marriage plans are thwarted by the motley group led by Ramabhadran, Mayin Kutty and the other brothers is hilariously portrayed! Finally after epic confusion involving the groom being replaced and the catch-n-catch game with the mangalsutra/thali (ceremonial wedding necklace) – chaos is resolved and Ramabhadran and Malu are pronounced man and wife!

Things end on a happy note as Anjooran relaxes his ‘no-woman in my home policy’ and everything ends on a positive and fun-filled note!

Jagadish’s brilliant comic-timing and idiotic antics deserve special praise as well! There’s a sequence where the dogs at Malu’s home bark and indicate his hiding place. He calmly says he is Malu’s friend and asks for study-notes! The dead-pan expression is simply superb! His race to get a taxi for everyone to leave Swaminathan’s house is another hit scene!

The movie was remade as Hulchul in Hindi with Paresh Rawal in Innocent’s role and Akshay Khanna and Kareena Kapoor in the lead! The movie was a hit! The movie was a success in Kannada and Telugu as well. Surprisingly the movie has not been remade in Tamil yet!

Do not miss this comic gem! I can watch this one and In Harihar Nagar another gem from Siddique-Lal a million times and still not get bored!



  1. Am well and truly loving the theme you have taken up for the A-Z challenge. It gives me a chance to relive all those wonderful Malayalam movies that I have watched over the years 🙂 Loved this instalment as well as it features one of my all time favorite movies 🙂


    1. Thank you Jairam sir – do let me know if you have any recommendations for the subsequent letters of the alphabet! 🙂


  2. It was a tough choice between the two – ‘toh kya hua aap ki khawhish hamari farmayish’ – will add Gandhinagar Second Street as well 🙂


  3. I saw this movie way long back… and I remember it was freaking hilarious! All the scenes you mentioned, suddenly sprang to memory… it’s a true laugh riot, real entertainment.
    I just realised that this is a theme, all the letters of the alphabet correspond to a movie…


    1. Hi Karen,

      Welcome back 🙂

      Yes – this is a series of posts on Malayalam movies that I love 🙂

      The movie is an absolute laugh-riot!


      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        The scene when he rushes back to the house after the fiasco at KPAC lalitha’s place and his expression with his body all smeared with oil before taking a bath – chanceless 🙂

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