Anand Theater – Anandam – Paramanandam!

This is an entry for the competition organised by Cinematheaterday

This is an attempt at chronicling sweet memories of a theater that is no longer there! Ravaged by the necessities of running a successful enterprise and sustaining existence in the heart of the city – the theaer is no longer there! I do not want to infringe on any copyrighted image so just a few lines on what Anand and Little Anand Theaters meant to me!

Everyday when I pass by,
A stop that is still called,
Anand Theater by old folks,
The heart pains,
There are cherished memories,
Of joyful afternoons and evenings,
Spent here in soaking,
A wonderful selection of movies.

The sheer joy,
Of enjoying a movie,
Sitting in the first three rows,
Paying the princely sum of Rs 10.
Today I pay Rs 120 or Rs 175.
But I don’t get the joy,
Or emotional satisfaction,
From the high-tech architectural concepts.

Give me the simple joys,
Of a tea for Rs 5,
Popcorn packet for Rs 10,
Enjoying the ambience,
Looking at the sculptures,
That adorned the walls.
The joys of a time gone by!

I can never forget the day,
When Suresh Gopi,
Landed at the theater,
During the screening of Bharatchandran IPS,
What claps, what joy, the simple actor,
In front of us thanking the audience!

Of walking out of the theater,
And heading to Bosotto Bros,
For a veg-sandwich and a doughnut.
The simple joys of living,
And movie-loving,
Ah! how I cherish those days.

I miss you a lot,
More than structures,
You had souls,
Perhaps like some unseen guardians,
You have created an impact,
On my cinema-crazy mind!

Anand hi Anand – Pure joy!



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