Ice Cream Party at Cream & Fudge

Post the Pizza party; I was waiting anxiously for an ice cream party and lo and behold the email from Deepa at Media Moments brought a smile on to my face. The date and venue were confirmed, some anxious moments ensued as enough bloggers did not respond; but all went well and on D-Day we had enough number of participants.

Once again the flag of The Chennai Bloggers Club flew high as the usual suspects Bragadeesh, Gopal, Karthik, Srilakshmi, Aarti, usha and Sandeep were there in addition to other leading food bloggers from Chennai.

We got to make our own variants of ice creams; some people tossed it into a cup others went for a waffle-based cone and it was fun experimenting like scientists devising medicines as we made delicious ice creams.

The branch located in T.Nagar on Venkatnarayana Road near the TTD Temple is a beautiful and cheery little place. The staff are courteous and friendly, the washroom is clean and there is a sense of calm and happiness as one walks into the store.

I would like to recommend a young kid named John who did some amazing tricks with a scoop of ice cream. I would like to thank Media Moments and Cream & Fudge for a delightful Saturday evening that was well-spent.

No pictures this time around as the pics turned out very grainy and fuzzy – I guess will have to get a DSLR if I am to attend more such food-events!!!!

So what are you waiting for? Beat the heat by digging into some of the sinfully delicious ice creams and sundaes offered by Cream & Fudge!


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