A Warrior of Light

An article caught my eye on the popular website Rediff today. It was about a writer called MP Anil Kumar who contributed articles to the portal. He had passed away earlier in the day. As I read the article; my eyes moistened and I fought my tears as I saw the ex-IAF officer’s life unfold before me.

We may all have our individual problems and issues and keep cursing Fate or God for the circumstances we are in – but this officer whose brilliant career was cut short by a tragic freak accident fought; fought with determination and will-power. Read the following web-pages for an insight into a wonderful warrior, writer, teacher and above all a person with indomitable courage!

A salute to you sir!!!





  1. As the “online janitor” of The Chairborne Warrior, thank you Mahesh, for your inspirational note on “MP” as he has always been affectionately known.He would always be an inspiration, in every sense of the word for whoever has come to know him, directly or indirectly, in a life exceptionally lived. Thanks again.


    1. Thanks sir, It is just that I felt a strange karmic connect when reading about MP sir and I feel that more people should know about this brave soldier!!!


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