I have all the time,
In the world for you,
If only you would,
Let me hold your hands!
If only…..

Someday I hope,
Someday at least
You will understand,
How much I value you.
If only…you understood!

At times I wonder,
Wonder if it is all,
All a dream,
And you are just,
A poet’s muse!

Are you for real?
Do you exist,
Outside the confines,
Of my muddled brain.
Who are you?

Where are you?
When will I meet you?
Or have we already met!
I just don’t know!
If only I knew…..if only!



  1. To quote Shakespeare “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it…” he perfectly summed up how it felt to be in love… your poem is wistful and I hope she appears soon…


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