The Fire Within

I am caught,
On one side,
A promise that I made.
On the other,
A mask that has to drop.

Am I being true to myself,
This life of values and morals,
Of what purpose it is,
My being true to my conscience,
Has it served any purpose.

Believing in the greater good of things,
The sacrifices that have been made,
Of what value are they,
Am I really a good human being?
How do I even define ‘good’?

Behind all the nice deeds,
The soft-spoken words,
What is it that lurks,
In the darkest labyrinths,
Of my sinister mind.

There is a deep fire,
That burns within,
As day after day passes,
The fire rages within,
Burning away a bit of me.

Where do I seek salvation?
How do I find redemption?
What is is that I do?
To find a solution,
To quench this thirst!

If only…I knew!!!


2 thoughts on “The Fire Within

  1. Nice song, listening to it as I write this… you are like the tormented souls of poets of ages past, they have gone on but their poems remain… entrenched in our memories…but I sincerely hope that you get what your heart desires and more…

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