A Vision of Mother Mary

Ever since I can remember, I have had dreams when I sleep. Some have been pleasant, many have been nightmares and some well just plain unexplainable.

Last Saturday on May 24, I returned home quite late and after a very late dinner I fell asleep at about 11:30 PM in the night. I don’t know what happened but I had a beautiful dream. I was walking in a forest-like area and I came to a small stream, the stream had sparkling clear water. As I was thirsty, I went to the stream and cupped some water in my hands and drank from the stream. I was very tired and I decided to rest. I rested under a tree, looking at the stream. Suddenly on the other bank of the stream I saw a benevolent lady in a white gown-like dress with a blue scarf-like wrap on her shoulders and she was smiling at me. This is when I woke up!

I did not understand this on Sunday morning and dismissed the dream! I had this dream again on Sunday night. On Monday, on reaching office, I ran some key-word searches on dreams and visions of old benevolent women. What I found indeed surprised me and as I dug deeper and deeper; I think I really saw Mother Mary in my dream. The dream repeated on Monday night as well and I also wrote a short story with Mother Mary’s benevolence and miracle as the central theme!

By birth and by my practicing faith I am an orthodox Hindu Brahmin, but I visit all centres of religion be it a mosque, a church or a monastery and have picked the best nuggets from all major books of various religions.

Can any of my readers please guide me on what this dream and vision means?

I look forward to your valuable thoughts!



    1. Definitely will do 🙂 – I am trying to interpret if there is a message in the dream – I want to make a trip to Velankanni soon – perhaps the vision is an indication that I should stop thinking too much and just do the pilgrimage / visit to the shrine soon!


  1. When I was in Peru, we climbed up the mountain – Wayna Picchu, which is adjacent to the Machu Picchu ruins. The climb up and more importantly the climb down was particularly important to me – I pushed through whatever I had perceived as my limitations. When I revisited the ruins the next day, I felt that the mountain was bowing to me. I did not know what that meant and was trying to figure out what it meant when someone told me “why not try to enjoy the experience; instead of trying to associate a meaning with it?”. I have had that vision a few times now and I just enjoy it. Because I also know in my heart that I bring the meaning to all things in my life- good or bad and I am moving forward in my life, slow or fast! 🙂


    1. This is again a treasured comment I will just let the joy of the vision permeate my heart! Sometimes it is best to just ‘experience’ rather than seek answers to queries. Wonderful 🙂 Thanks!


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