Hair-raising Experience – TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner Review

For someone whose hair-style has always been that of a soldier in action in the driest deserts, taking up this blogging activity and participating in the TRESemme Event was a challenge. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the shampoo and conditioner packed in a black-pouch.

I kept waiting and waiting, wondering what I would write here. I have used various shampoos over the years and during the summers; the heat of the Chennai sun tends to cause a mild dandruff problem. Regular application of coconut oil and a shampoo wash offers relief!

I finally decided to stop admiring the beautifully designed bottles and used the shampoo and conditioner. The pleasant fragrance and the consistency of the shampoo as I rinsed my head offered a strange sense of calm. I just closed my eyes and I imagined that I was far away in the mountains, surrounded by mist and the pleasant fragrance of pine-cones and forest-berries. After soaking in the mountain-moment. I turned the shower on and let the force of water rinse through and I definitely felt refreshed.

My sister is a regular user of Pantene shampoo-products and was really impressed by the split hair remedy offered by TRESemme! Definitely impressive; for as long as I can remember my sister has either been using Pantene or Sunsilk!!!

I am not a huge fan of Chemistry; well the chemistry of the scientific kind! Chemistry amongst people is a different matter altogether; but going by my rotten luck – I draw a zero in that department as well 🙂 – Anyway let us not digress – this is about TRESemme not my repeated failures at finding a girl-friend!!!

The shampoo and conditioner do their job well and are priced appropriately for the sheer research that has gone into formulating a world-class product. Do try the product range, and get an experience of a salon-spa at home!

Three cheers for TRESemme India and Indiblogger!!!

Wish me luck in finding someone special as well 🙂

So all you lovely people who use shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis; what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest departmental store and pick up a TRESemme product right away!


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