It is a Friday evening,
Another week at work,
Has come to an end.
The weekend will flash by,
In a hazy blur.

What is it that one does,
As dream after dream,
Keeps haunting me.
I have not been able,
To forget Mother Mary.

I am just not able,
To figure out,
What the vision,
Actually means!
Is it a sign??

I may seem like a mad man,
Penning away lines,
Which at times,
Do not even rhyme.
Perhaps I should let go!

Let go of my fears,
Believe in myself,
Believe in the vision,
Believe that there’s a purpose,
Believe that the vision will guide me!

Hope that is all,
That is all,
That is left,
That is right,
That remains – Hope!



  1. More than hope, I want to say “Faith”. The difference is that with faith, I believe that good things are coming our way FOR SURE instead of longing for them with hope. This is of course my personal opinion. When I have faith, I am able to live through my current situation also with positive energy!


    1. What a beautiful distinction you bring between ‘faith’ and ‘hope’ – yes ‘faith’ it is. Thanks 🙂


  2. Faith is knowing that God will see you through, Hope is never losing sight of your faith… so like Andy says ‘Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.’ (courtesy Shawshank Redemption)
    All this aside, the dream you talk about… it’s beautiful, I don’t know what she seems to be saying, but she knows what you are going through…


    1. Thanks so much Karen – I love the opening lines – ‘Faith is knowing that God will see you through, Hope is never losing sight of your faith’ – Love Shawshank Redemption 🙂


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