THE ARCHERS REVENGE by Rajesh Kollu @ Destination Infinity

I first met Rajesh at an Indiblogger Meet @ ITC Grand Chola; calm, quiet, and clicking away to glory with his camera! Little did I know that this calm person was the famous Destination Infinity of the online world!

Rajesh has done his fair share of work and is now a full-time blogger and author and also does a bit of consulting work on renewable energy sources. He is an avid traveller and two of his books on the Top Places to visit in India have been pretty successful. Rajesh blogs on all things under the sun – from movies and music to ice creams and organic food. He has a simple, non-complex style that is not very easy to emulate by people like me who have an obsessive manic disorder of typing long sentences!

Rajesh released his latest book, a novel – ‘The Archers Revenge’ on Kindle! I got the file and converted it to e-pub and read it using a Firefox browser plug-in! Here goes my review of the book.

The cover designed by Agnisha Ghosh is smashing!

The Story in a Nutshell – A revenge saga, starting with an assassination attempt on a central minister! The would-be assassin discovers startling truths!

I am not going to put in too many spoilers; the book is a quick read; Rajesh covers many of his pet peeves and ideas – renewable energy, archery, bike rides, solitary living, a higher education degree in the UK, Tirupati, etc.

The novel starts with a bang to hold your attention as an elaborate assassination attempt plays out. The bid fails! The novel goes on to describe subsequent attempts and shows us why the killer Aryan wants to terminate the minister Guru. There is a massive twist at the end, which seems very artificial at the end; but the novel is a good attempt!

Final Word – Paced like a script of a Telugu pot-boiler I would love to see this novel get a filmi treatment with a bunch of new young stars as the protagonists. In Hindi, we could have Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha or Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. Plus for the politician – only one character actor – Nana Patekar!

Good job Rajesh!!!!

Get the book!



  1. LOL 😀

    I think, I have been influenced heavily by all those Telugu (and Tamil) movies I watched until 2008 (or so). Thanks for the frank review about the artificial climax. I guess my “giving a twist at the end in short-stories” gene carried on to the novel as well! Will be more careful with that part and will try to give a realistic ending in my future novels.

    Secondly, someone told me that I focus too much on giving messages and not on the story. I’ve tried to focus on the story in this one, but the message part somehow creeps inside! That’s why you’ve noticed all that renewable energy, etc. Ideally, these elements should have gone with the flow and enhance the story in someway (or better absent).

    It’s my first novel and I guess there is a lot of scope to improve. Thank you so much for being my first reader (and reviewer). It means a lot to me 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  2. I have just downloaded the novel, will surely give it a read over the weekend and put up a review of the same as well.

    BTW, yours is a crisp, balanced, well written review.


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