I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

This contest started initially as a post on someone who inspired you the most and then transformed into a post on why you love your Dad to celebrate Father’s Day. I am going back to the initial set-up on writing a post on the person who inspired me the most. Well in my case it has been my mother.

I am a product of a broken family; a child who had to go through the trauma of seeing a family break into pieces. My mother supported me with all she could do, cooking meals, preparing savories and snacks and I would dutifully carry them to houses and sell them. There have been days when I have stood in local grounds where children would play football and cricket and I would hawk snacks. Never once have I felt bitter about the fact that I had a very traumatic period between the ages of 15 and 20.

Till I was 14, I grew in the care of my maternal uncles and they helped me and my mother to the best of their abilities. There was an attempt at a reconciliation and mother and I embarked on a long trip one April afternoon from Howrah station and I prepared to meet the man whose DNA I have inherited.

As the initial euphoria ended, I realized that I could never ever trust my father and it was just my mother for whom I should live. It was a struggle to prove the many detractors that existed in the guise of relatives near and far that – yes a teen and his mother could fend for themselves.

Bit-by-bit we worked hard, very hard to ensure that food was available, school and college fees was paid on time, societal pretenses in the name of festivals and celebrations continued and anyone who chose to visit our humble abode never left hungry!

The years have moved, once I secured a job through the dint of my academic rigour my mother has finally found some peace; but the years of struggle and hard work have rendered her susceptible to illnesses. She battles multiple diseases and the two of us still exist, seeing each day as it dawns with a fresh perspective.

For me my mother will remain as the single solid rock of support who continues to guide me!

This is dedicated to every single child and mother who share a bond that goes beyond words and the manic advertising tactics of multi-national companies to keep buying insanely priced gifts. Go hug your mother, speak kindly to her, humour her and let her watch the TV serial even when a cricket match plays on another channel!

A mother is the greatest gift that the Lord has given mankind!



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