The Last Job

No, no this is not a crime fiction piece of an ageing hitman attempting one last ‘hit’ before retiring!

This my friends is a true-life scenario that holds good for those in the field of content creation services as part of their daily bread and butter, dal and roti, or rice and sambar as you please!!!

Today a very important report had to go out and there were three errors, very minor errors in the report, text and punctuation.

‘As an editor and a writer – you are only as good as your last job!’

This is what my creative writing professor said and my Instructional Design Training mentors kept repeating!

I messed it up today – one of those rare days; where lethargy crept in – thankfully the report was for internal use and nothing to go to clients or third-party vendors/agencies. Thankfully I still have my job!!!! Just wonder if this was a top-secret project report or a client-deliverable!!!

I need to ensure that I do not lose focus!!!!

Got really scared!!!! This is a reminder to oneself – all your years of technical and non-technical writing are not going to help you if an error creeps into an important document!!!! BE CAREFUL – YOU FOOL – BE CAREFUL!!!!!!


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