Homage to the King of Poets – Kannadasan

It is really frustrating when you want to convey a hundred things about a poet whom you admire a lot. But then you realize that whatever you write will pale in comparison to what the world already knows. How does one measure the flawless brilliance of a diamond or quantify the child-like innoccence of a literary genius.

Kannadasan – Wikipedia, TFM pages, a variety of Tamil language blogs have bucket-loads of information on the master. It is my immense sadness that I cannot read the language but I follow and understand the intricacies of the language and seek solace in some beautiful songs written by Kannadasan and the other genius Vaali.

Being Kavignar Kannadasan’s birthday today – I do not have too many words to describe what his works mean to me; I just present three songs that have left a huge impact on my mind.

There are a 100 hundred other songs that I could list but these three are very close to my heart!



    1. My all time favourite song – always 🙂 the sheer magic of the words, the tune and the acting – pure brilliance!


      1. Yes, I can to a basic extent – I studied Bengali as third language for two years – most of it is forgotten – but I can converse in Bangla like a pucca Bengali 🙂

  1. Kannadasan is one of the greatest poets ever lived. Too bad his talents are appreciated only in Tamilnadu. He was an atheist and then became a believer. He wrote a song about it. These are the starting lyrics:

    Naan naathigan anayne
    Avan bayapada villai
    Naan aathigan anayne
    Avan agappada villai

    (I became an atheist and He was not afraid of me. I became a believer and I am unable to find Him.)


    1. Dear SG Sir,

      Thanks for taking time to visit and comment on my blog. Fascinating lines indeed – and you have a super blog too sir; spent some time going through the posts 🙂



  2. Kannadasan was a true visionary and one with infinite wisdom! I have been writing a blog on old philosophical songs and the more I listen to his songs , the more I feel that this man knew everything about life!
    His songs are enough to teach any one what life is!

    If you like Kannadasan songs, you might like the blog (http://tamilthathuvarasigan.wordpress.com/) where to attempt to translate some of these gems.



    1. Hi Suchee – Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Yes – I do visit the page you have mentioned and love the translations 🙂

      Yup the master’s works mean a lot and offer solace to troubled souls!


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