Local Trains in Chennai – A Bloody Joke

There are three primary routes in the Chennai Suburban Railway route:

Chennai – Arakkonam – Tiruthani

Chennai – Gumudipoondi – Sulurpet

Chennai Beach – Tambaram – Chengalpet

Barring the last route, which has a fair frequency of trains at least till Tambaram the other two routes are an absolute mess. I am sure at least 150000 commuters if not more use these services every day. The trains are badly maintained, run on pathetic timings, the stations are an insult to the senses and still form the lifeline of the city.

Do you know the cheek of Southern Railways – Read these lines from the official time-table:

This time table is intended to serve as a guide to
passengers to ascertain the scheduled arrival and
departure of trains at different stations.

The railway administration does not guarantee
the arrival or departure of trains at the specified timings
in this time table nor will be accountable for any loss or
inconvenience caused to passengers on account of
unforeseen delays.

The railway administration does not accept any
responsibility for errors, if any, in this book though
every endeavour has been made to ensure accuracy.

See the link – http://www.sr.indianrailways.gov.in/uploads/files/1373008778151-note.pdf

This is a mess – I tell you folks – an absolute mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I think you need to start going to office in a bike. Buy a second hand bike (mine is second-hand, and it’s been riding without a problem for more than 5 years now) – it’s inexpensive, good for first-time bikers to train and quickly takes one to their destination. I think bike is the best way to travel in a city like Chennai.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Hi Rajesh,

      It is a commute of nearly 115 km a day – my backbone will go for a toss! Already I am a hunchback – the remaining rigidity of the spine will also go for a toss 🙂



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