Life as I know it!

The weekend has been a bloody roller coaster ride!

A film-pitch that has cleared round-1 and a call from a producer – so extreme joy!

Cousin arrives, long chat, treat and books, dinner the usual bonding of book-crazy, Padmarajan fanatic brothers – some more joy!

Train as always delayed; some nice soul decides to flick my phone at an opportune moment – within 30 seconds I realize I have been robbed and call the phone from a fellow passenger’s mobile. The crook has cleverly switched off my phone. Rs 11000 down the drain in one instant. Contacts, messages, photos, jotted scribblings on the phone all lost for eternity. – Very, very sad!!!!

I head back home and dig out an older functional phone and reset my Facebook password!

Next morning call service provider and ask them to block the SIM.

Monday morning, set about changing all Google related passwords and sign-out of devices. Creepily one of the gmail IDs seems to have fascinated my pick-pocket who had amended the password. I managed to outsmart the thief by resetting the password based on a non-Google back-up primary email address that I had created for such incidents.

I never thought someone would want a poor-man’s cousin of a Samsung smart-phone – it was a heavily error-prone device from Karbonn that I mainly used for Facebook and now I am crippled without the phone. I thought it would be a good way to stay de-cluttered. But more than social networks, I need steady access to all my email accounts and I made another budget purchase.

The service provider’s showroom seemed scarily full of irate customers shouting about wrong billing – Tata ji I hope you are reading this.

I submitted ID-proof and paid money for a replacement SIM. The young boy working in the store assured me my SIM card would be activated in 3 hours. It turns out the kid conveniently forgot to raise a ticket on the Tata CRM to process the request. I am seething with rage and the people manning the email desk at Tata Docomo received an acidic email.

I am all pumped ready for a showdown at the showroom in another 45 minutes, let us see what happens! Meet you tomorrow!

The film-pitch it is still in a very strange zone – hopefully news should come soon – let us see!!! Fingers crossed – keep me in your prayers and wish me luck 🙂



  1. All the best for the film pitch – you’re writing a story, or acting as a hero, or anything else? 🙂

    We should have something like a remote wipe to delete all data and settings if a phone is lost. This is available for enterprise managed phone devices, it should also be made available for consumer devices.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Scripting and direction 🙂

      Yes remote-wipe is a good idea – there are a number of apps on Google Play store – how effective are these is the primary question?


  2. All the best for the film pitch!
    The quality of a service provider’s service is known by how they handle situations like the one you’re in. Most mobile phone service providers have many more customers than they had expected. As a result, their service centres are like government offices! 😦


    1. True – customer is never the king – just prey for the vulturous capitalists!!!

      I hope things will change!


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