I am a Grandpa – Time Flies

Most of my dear regular readers know how attached I am to my pet Brownie. Circumstances and annoying neighbours in a multi-storied apartment complex forced me to hand over my Brownie to a farmer who stays a few kilometres away. I visit her every other weekend and spend time with her. The farmer is an old man whom I address as ‘thatha’/ ‘grandpa’. Brownie adapted to life at the farm and became a proper farm dog, bossing about the goats and cows there. In the process she also found a ‘mate’ for herself. To cut a long story short Brownie gave birth to a litter of seven puppies. Four survive, two were taken away by another farmer; one puppy was too weak to survive. So officially as I consider Brownie my sweet little baby girl, I am a thatha of sorts now.

It just seems like yesterday, when I found a small ball of fur. Time has just flown by…!

A previous post about Brownie.

I hope the other four puppies find a good home soon.



    1. Brownie was jumping all around me licking me away to glory I would have fallen down if i tried to take a pic 🙂


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