Matrikas Journal and Notebooks – Product Review

There is something special,
About jotting down,
One’s thoughts in a diary.
The feeling of closure,
When one writes down,
The day’s highs and lows,
The dreams and expectations,
The truth and reality,
All in our diary,
Using a pen in our own hands.
A diary is an extremely personal tool.

Something like a magic lamp,
When in the future,
We open the diary,
All the memories of the past,
Flash by in multi-coloured hues.
Page after page,
To remind us how far,
We have travelled in life.
And to remind us,
Many miles lie ahead!!!

I had a chance to review a set of journals/notebooks/diaries from Matrikas Paper Products. This is part of a Blogger Engagement Initiative and I am really thankful to fellow blogger Sulaiman who recommended this to me. I filled up a form on Facebook (Part of a Matrikas App). I received a courier well-packed with the products.

I have been writing personal journals for over 17 years now, starting from old corporate diaries that the elders in the family used to hand down to fancy notebooks and handmade-paper books and recycled paper notebooks, I have used a wide spectrum of products. A couple of years back I bought journal books sold by the Isha Foundation and loved the intricate cover designs and the paper quality.

This set of products from Matrikas took me by surprise and impressed me with the beautiful cover designs and top-class paper thickness and quality. I would like to recommend their products to all those who love to write.

Go ahead contact Matrikas right away 🙂

4 thoughts on “Matrikas Journal and Notebooks – Product Review

  1. Diaries are put to different uses by different people.Some prefer one page for each day while some are content with half page.Some write the day’s happenings daily,the pleasant and unpleasant.Some use it for appointments or for reminders.Some collect many in different shapes and sizes but never use.
    With the advent of technology and disappearance of writing habits,diaries have lesser use these days.But still good diaries are valued and corporates distribute them.

    1. Dear KP sir,

      Yes, very true, with apps for everything, diary-writing is slowly becoming a dying habit!

      Corporate gifts of diaries is what makes the industry still tick. I do remember special leather-bound diaries that my uncle’s firm used to get during the festive season, the smell of leather and new paper and the pen-set that used to come with it evokes a lot of old memories 🙂


  2. I have this book, I write in it to keep me sane… Sometimes when things seem too much and the thoughts are zipping around in your head, ready to explode… I write then, to get some clarity.

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