12th Chennai International Film Festival – A Quick Glimpse

This year the event has the blessings of the ‘Chief’ of the people of Tamil Nadu – Amma – former Chief Minister Jayalalitha. So the facilities are apparently better and we have Rajkumar Theatres India Pvt. Ltd. as the main sponsor as well. What I noticed was the bathroom fittings have been thankfully changed at Woodlands theatre. The AC is still not working in Symphony Theatre. The souvenir with information about the movies to be screened is not yet ready. I just do not get the logic – when will the souvenir be issued? After half the movies are screened???? Last year too the same problems plagued the fest, if memory serves me right the souvenir was issued on the fourth day of the Fest. Chaos continues to reign supreme. On the second day at 5 PM the movie ‘Roseville’ was to play. The movie was announced by the student volunteers and for 15 minutes ‘Like the Wind’ was broadcast/played before the correct movie was played. If we take care of the smaller aspects the bigger things will get rectified. ID card was processed within an hour and that was really good. The daily news digest in broadsheet format is full of errors – the timings are all wrong. The complete schedule pamphlet has errors as well. In spite of all this we movie-lovers will throng to the Fest and make it a grand success! Mini movie reviews will follow soon.



  1. I saw three Mongol movies last weekend, but that was not part of the International film festival, it was a stand-alone event at Russian Cultural Center. Two of them were very good. Next year, I’ll try to see more foreign movies.

    Destination Infinity


    1. I missed the Mongolian film festival because of the timing conflict. Plus the early morning shows are a bit of a bother 😦

      Advantages of living in the city are too many 🙂

      Loved reading your posts – will comment soon 🙂

      Happy Holidays 🙂



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