An Interview with Mohit Jain

Dear readers, as a first in a series of interviews that I aspire to do and connect you with inspirational individuals, I bring to you an interview with a teacher, motivational speaker and a published author – Mohit Jain.


Q1. Tell the readers about your journey as a teacher, motivational speaker and now published author?

Well, the question has taken me back in my those days when I was in Class IX, a school kid, basically I had always in mind the desire to be a teacher, as my hobby was teaching, I always felt that I should be a teacher. I started taking home tuition and later after completing my college I started a institute named Karmasthali to teach MBA entrants for appearing for CAT, MAT etc. Later I got introduced to B-Schools as a motivational speaker and thereby I took classes in around 37 B-schools and engineering colleges all over India. Further more in relation to my being a author is again interrelated as for me unless you are a good reader you cannot write, hence to be frank I always read a lot and thereby started putting my thought in writing and thereby I am before you as a published author.

Q2. From life skills to fiction, how has the journey been?
Life skills is always related to the reality of life. My books earlier were totally subject oriented basically on academics. But again coming to fiction I believe that fiction is also related to reality. Whatever happens in human life or whatever we have in human behavior that reflects in our character and subconscious mind. I penned down my fiction stories based on the people I met and know.

Q3. Tell us about your ambitions as a school and college student?
I always wanted to be a teacher. I also had this hunger for reading books of all genres which led me to pen down my thoughts, my practical experiences and the struggles and successes of the people whom I met. By God’s grace, I am Mohit Jain the author now.

Q4. Advice for upcoming writers?
Depends on each individual, in my case the main ingredient for me or in my personal view is that one must be a very good reader both fiction or non-fiction. The more you read the more your scope of knowledge increases and you understand the beauty of the written word. A good writer should be someone who reads extensively. Keep writing and sharing your work among friends and the Internet, accept constructive feedback, send samples to publishers, keep trying!

Q5. Importance of self-promotion and marketing to sell a book?
Self-promotion is a very important platform for upcoming or new authors or writers. Sell your book to the world use all platforms online and off-line to sell your book.

Q6. Authors that you love reading?

Indian authors – Jhumpa Lahiri, Arvind Adiga
International authors – Randy Pausch, Spencer Johnson
Compulsory read – The Last Lecture, Who Moved My Cheese

To conclude, without my family’s support, I would have not travelled so far on this journey called LIFE!

You can visit his website for more information –



  1. Looking forward for many more interviews so that u achieve all ur goals n inspite all your readers as u always do….good luck buddy…


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