NaPoWriMo-2 – In Search of What?

The sun is setting,
The long shadows,
And the gentle orange glow,
Creates a strange
Kaleidoscope of colours,
Enchanting and mysterious.

The office window pane,
Hidden by curtains,
Parts once in a while,
To offer a peek,
Into the busy lives,
Of people on the street.

Everyone seems to be in a rush,
Be it the high school boys,
Who pour out around 430 PM
Or the auto-rickshaws that,
Race with each other,
The fruit-seller pushing the cart.

In search of what?
At times, I look at myself,
In the mirror, the mirror looks,
Back at me and taunts me,
Three degrees to your name,
To what effect and joy?

The grass always seems green,
On the other side,
But when I speak to friends,
Everyone, at least most of them,
Seem to be sailing,
In the same boat.

Without a rudder, without a direction,
In pursuit of what?
Money, Love, Attention,
Admiration, Respect, Grandeur,
What exactly are we all doing?
Where are we headed?

Where, where, where?
Too many questions,
Hardly any answers,
Life meanders in all its crowning glory,
It is time to leave office,
And head home to seek solace in the ones we love!

Perhaps all that we need,
Is a little bit of love,
A dash of sunshine,
A cup full of joy,
To savour the gift of life!
All we need is love!!!



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