S.H.E. is my – by Mohit Jain – Book Review

I received this book as a birthday gift from the novelist Mohit Jain. Mohit sir is an acclaimed teacher, motivational speaker and writer of academic books that are quite popular among students aspiring to study Business or join the Civil Services.

This blogger has reviewed a few of his earlier books, which were non-fiction and when I learnt that Mohit sir was writing his first book of fiction, I was quite intrigued.

Now moving on to the book. This has a fascinating protagonist, Eklavya. The book narrates his tale alongwith other characters like Krishna, Panchali, Menaka, Aayushi, Arjun and others.

Going back and forth in time, tracing days in college and afterwards, essentially the tale is a story of love, failure, success, redemption, failure and defeat, sacrifice and hypocrisy.

Why do we behave as we behave?
Can true love conquer all?
Does success in life and success in love mean the same? Does it give the same high? Are they inter-connected?
What is the chief purpose of life?

The book examines a lot of questions inner and outer at a deeper level, on the surface it may be a simple tale. But when you read the book more than once, you realise that you see a bit of yourselves in the characters in the book.

Published by Petals Publishers and priced at INR 225; the book has 335 pages and is not a romantic clone of novels that have flooded the market in the past two years. It definitely is different and requires a bit of patience and dedicated reading as you lose yourself into the characters in the book and root for Eklavya.

Koi hota mera apna,
Jisko hum apna,
Hum apna keh lete yaaron,
Pass nahin to door hi hota,
Par koi mera apna hota!

Fascinating lines from the epic movie Mere Apne by Gulzar saab! I guess that is an apt way to end the review.

Do buy the book and read!

Learn more – http://www.flipkart.com/author/mohit-jain


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