What If????

I had a thought today,
A nagging doubt,
Fuelled my thought!

What if today?
Today was my last day,
In this mortal form.

Living this life,
On Planet Earth.
What if today was my last day?

If this poem,
Or attempt at poetry,
Would be my last piece of writing.

The meal that I shall partake tonight,
Be my Last Supper,
The “hi, hello, bye and see you!”

Are all uttered just one final time,
Never to be repeated again.
What if I never wake up tomorrow?

These are very troubling thoughts!
I have not been able to focus at work,
All through the day – death seems to envelop my thoughts!

Was this life worth living?
Did I use my talents and skills?
Did I touch any lives?

Did I make a difference as a human being?
Other than being a friend, son and brother,
What else did I achieve?

I am deeply troubled!
I do not have answers,
To many pertinent questions.

Will I meet you again friends?
Will I write again?
Will I live to die and be reborn, and live and die again!

What if today?
Today was my last day,
I wonder if I will……



  1. You are attuned to spirit beings, that’s why (I think) you get these ideas, thoughts, premonitions… a foreboding. That’s why you get visions and can see people in your dreams… your spirit is more like theirs, peaceful and humble, seeking them out. Anyway, that’s what I believe… many people say they have seen or felt another’s presence from the afterlife, they say they have seen things…. you hear such stories from time to time. And I used to wonder, why nobody (these spirit beings) wanted to talk to me, then I realised… some people have a sensitive spirit like yours, that makes it easier for them to approach, Your spirit wavelength in life, matches theirs… I’m on an earth wavelength, only earthly beings interact with me… my spirit is not attuned to other wavelengths.
    PS: No, I am not drunk or high… this is all an effect of reading too much. No wonder I have few friends….


    1. I think you should start doing tarot card readings Karen 🙂 Thank you for your kind words 🙂 As Peter Parker would say in “Spiderman” sometimes our biggest strengths become our greatest vulnerabilities and vice-versa 🙂


  2. I have had the same thoughts at times. I think everyone must have had at some point or the other. But I try to get over it fast and focus on the happy stuff that I have going on currently..takes the mind off heavy material, you see 🙂


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