It is a day when two people whom I admire a lot celebrate their birthdays. Director Mani Ratnam sir and the Master Musician who has a score for every mood from life to death and everything in between – Isaignani – Illayaraja. There is nothing to say that has not already been said about these two giants of cinema. Whenever they united it was magic, a feast for the senses.

Dalapathi – Sundari Kannal….the violin – sheer ecstasy and agony at the same time!
Agninakshatram – I want this vintage Mani sir to return – deliver an action-packed thriller. Raja di raja, Thoongada vizhigal…
Nayagan – A memorable score – awesome acting by the Ullaga Nayagan – Neenga nallavara kaetavara??
Anjali – For making me cry like a sappy little girl every time I watch the movie. Anjali, Anjali, Anjali…., Veetuku veedu hey something, something.
Mouna Raagam – For giving us a pair that truly defines romance – Karthik and Revathi – lovely songs – Mandram vantha…, a fascinating BGM and of course Mister Chandramouli.

One wonders why they chose not to work again!

A new legend AR Rahman came into the forefront of music with Roja and the rest is history.

But we still long for a classic reunion of the masters!!!

A fitting song dedicated to the Master 🙂



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