Of Weighty Issues

When I was young,
I was the thinnest,
Skinniest child in the family,
In school, I used to be mocked,
There used to be snide comments,
That I would fly away,
At the mildest gust of a wind.

As the years grew by,
And I battled and cheated death,
Multiple times,
The medicines took their toll,
I look at old pictures of mine,
The boxer, the footballer,
Then I look at my reflection,
Now in the mirror.

The reflection mocks me,
Like Marlon Brando,
In “On the Waterfront”
I wonder – “I could have been a contender!”
Now I look fatter than the fattest bartender.
I am never one for these fad diets and all.
I am not a binge eater either,
Nor a fan of chocolates or icecreams.

New years come and Christmases go,
Resolutions are made and broken,
With the silver strands of hair,
Gaining prominenece on my head,
The waist not getting any slimmer,
The bones ache,
The knees hurt,
The back stoops,
I am transforming into a crazy,
Hunch-backed ogre from an old vampire tale!

Where do I go from here?
The heart feels old,
The mind is lost in its complex web,
The body keeps stressing,
That it is tired.
At times, I wonder of choices made,
In the distant past!
There is no regret, no gloom,
No joy or no pain!

I take solace in the fact,
That Po the Panda,
Was annointed the Dragon Warrior!
So I guess, I still have hope!



  1. Another well written poem… I’ll give you one thing, you are brave… you forgot to include that here. You’ve laid bare your soul, I don’t think I can do that, I usually graze the surface, all the deep stuff is written down in a diary…


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