Rat-trap Lessons

Today I learnt a valuable lesson from a rat. This rat had been troubling me for over a month biting out some of m books and running away with socks and vests; creating a huge nuisance.


El-Diablo caught

Rat-traps, poison cakes, repellents – nothing worked. Finally the adhesive rat-boards that are quite popular in offices came to my rescue and it trapped the diabolical rat.

Stuck firm in the adhesive, the rat moaned in anger as it could not move away, each time I tried approaching the board, it would bare its fangs at me.

For over seven hours the rat waged a war with the board. Finally I got the board took it to the terrace and shook the board vigorously. The rat was stuck. With a bit of piping, I pushed the rat out after quite some struggle. The rat squealed one final time and fell into the scrubland.

Did it die? Was it eaten by the crows or snakes? Will its brethren seek vengeance?

Right till the end it fought for freedom. Be it the rat-race or the race of life – keep fighting.



  1. Sad! Wish you haven’t posted the picture!
    Well written, but without even writing a word explicitly, you seem to question the divine right we seem to have appropriated to cull out things (and people!) which we find to be a nuisance. The very fact that your focus on the poor rat’s final struggle without getting into the moralistic part of it, you make us wonder, how efficiently we put an end to things we don’t like. Rat board, poisoned cakes, electric chairs, nukes, concentration camps – oh, aren’t they all different only in degree?


    1. Namaste Shweta,

      Thank you for dropping by – ultimately it becomes a question of self-preservation and protecting the people and things we love. It gives us a strange sense of power to do whatever it takes to protect our interests.


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