An Uncle Writes to His Nephew

It just seems like yesterday,
When I rushed from school,
To the hospital,
To see my sister,
Having delivered a baby boy.
The child was frail,
With curly hair,

How soon time seems to have flown,
My nephew turned 18 yesterday,
He is at the cusp of an exciting phase,
He is set to join college,
He has big dreams,
He wants to be a CA and wants to do B.Com as well.
For a joker like me for whom 2+2 can cause nightmares,
The kid has done fairly good for himself.

One of my biggest disappointments,
Was my nephew’s refusal to read books,
Both his parents are avid book-readers,
Can you imagine my plight, I saved up comic after comic,
Fairy-tale after fairy-tale and novels for him to read.
Sadly he does not like to read!!!
Neither is the chap enthusiastic about sports!!!
I dreamt of teaching him the perfect front foot drive,
The hook and the square-cut – and all my dreams got cut!

He is hooked to wrestling and is yet to grow out of it!
Hell – there are fifty-year old chaps
Who religiously follow wrestling.
The kid’s gonna be a life-long wrestling fan 🙂
He plays the drums and is fairly competent,
But with the madness that CA is –
Drums are going to go for a toss as well.

Aditya, I wish you good luck,
In all that you dream to do,
Remember, these are going to be crazy times,
There is going to be that first crush,
The inevitable ragging,
The group formations and gangs,
Remember do not do anything,
That will embarass your parents!

Good luck – May the force be with you!



  1. Mr.Mahesh I loved the way in which you have portrayed this beautiful relation in an effective manner .
    Haan this tale also reminds me of my uncle’s love for watching English movies and his criticism about old retro hindi music


  2. loved the way you derived your cousin’s tale here. Interesting indeed. BTW I m also a huge fan of WWE.


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