“Charlie” – Malayalam Movie Review

Dear readers, wishing all of you a prosperous and joyous 2016 full of good health and cheer!

Name of movie – Charlie
Language – Malayalam
Release year – 2015
Director – Martin Prakaat
Principal Star Cast – Dulquer Salman as Charlie, Parvathy as Tessa, Aparna Gopinath as Kani, Nedumudi Venu as Kunjappan.
Music – Gopi Sundar
Cinematography – Jomon T. John

Dulquer Salman is slowly and steadily carving a place for himself with his sensible choice of movies and inspired acting. Though he is still a long way away from matching the talents of his father – Mammootty, he is on his way to stardom for sure!

“Charlie” is a difficult movie to categorise, part road-movie, part-adventure, part slice of life, quest for purpose in life, romance, love lost and found, the movie mixes lots of elements to serve a delightful gem.

The movie starts with Tessa arriving to attend a family function where her brother is set to be engaged. We learn that she is a rebel of sorts and refuses to acknowledge the proposal of a family-friend from the USA who is incidentally her soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s brother. She runs away to her friend’s place in Kochi and secures accommodation in a flat in the Old Kochi or Fort Kochi area. The flat is full of stuff belonging to the previous occupant. There is sense of mystery as she starts arranging the things in the flat, that’s when Tessa stumbles upon a graphic novel and is drawn into the story. It is about a thief who lands in the flat and meets the occupant of the flat and their adventures over the course of one night! The tale is incomplete and thus starts the fascination of Tessa for Charlie.

Tessa seeks to find out more about Charlie through the various faces sketched as a part of the graphic novel and a fascinating tale of the do-gooder and the lives he touches emerges. I am not going to reveal further spoilers. All I will say is that this is a tale of Tessa seeking Charlie! Does she find Charlie? Who is Charlie? Why is he the way he is? What’s the mystery behind him? What’s his past? Watch the movie!!

Special mention for the cinematographer, the art-direction and the costume designers involved in the project. The kurtas that DS wears and the dresses worn by Parvathy are really great. “Sundari Pennae” is the song that keeps playing in the head!

Worth a watch for the sheer energy of the performances of the star-cast. Nedumudi Venu has a lovely cameo in the movie with a tale of old-school love woven into it. Please go watch the movie!!!


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