The Last Bout

I saw him today,
One in a crowd,
Of endless humanity,
Going about its chores.
17 years have gone by.

It was the day,
I called it quits,
And bid adieu,
To the boxing ring.

He wanted me to throw,
Away a bout,
The money was good,
I could have crossed over!

I just let it go,
Stayed true to myself,
Gave it my best shot,
Seven rounds – nothing conclusive.

That day something,
Broke within me,
When the judges were bought,
A verdict that was bitter.

I just let it go,
I walked away,
As he smiled a crooked smile,
I was disgusted at the system.

Disgusted at myself,
I thought I had made,
Peace with myself,
And quit the arc-lights.

Today I saw him,
Standing on the subway,
Wasted and lost,
The typical ‘druggie’.

He reeked of cheap alcohol,
The eyes had a hollow gloom,
He was begging for alms,
The bravado was gone the snicker no longer there!

As I put a coin,
Into his begging bowl,
For a moment I stared into his eyes,
I think he recognized me!

For his face turned red,
He just muttered a curse,
And walked away!
You know the saddest part?

I think he in his penury,
Is content and happy,
While I still chase my inner demons,
Every single day and night!

That my dear friends,
Is the irony of Life!!
No fame no name!
Just some faded memories!!!



  1. Mahesh You won him when you dropped the coin in his bowl. They say circumstance is the biggest enemy to being your true self. You won over it and you should be proud. There is always a big picture and what we see is a small picture and decide what is good and bad. Trust that everything happens with a purpose and best things are waiting to happen for you. Happy to know you.



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