Apollo White Dental – A Nice Experience

One fine day, I received a call from an unknown number. The lady on the phone was polite and said if I would be interested to go for a dental check-up at Apollo White Dental. All I would have to do is to visit the centre for a check up and write a blog post about my experience. I said that’s wonderful and accepted the offer.

After some confusion on the alloted time – my appointment was slated for 4 Pm finally on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I visited the Kilpauk centre on P.H. Road as it is the easiest centre for me to access from my distant village 🙂

After an early lunch and two bus-rides later I found myself walking on PH ROad and saw boys walking out of school lost in their own worlds discussing movies, girl friends and ice creams and that’s when I fele a tinge of embarassment that right from grandpas like Digvijay Singh and kids in class ten have girlfriends and like one useless rebel without a cause, I seem to be leading a monotonous existence. OK we seem to be digressing from the essence of the post!! Back to “moti jaise daant”.

So I found the centre after a phone call for directions and walked into a well-designed office. The receptionist was a young gentleman who asked me to sit in the comfortable leather sofa and switched the plasma TV on and asked me to pick any channel while the doctor/dentist was busy attending another patient. In a few minutes the dentist arrived from another consulting room. It was a pleasant experience as I was explained the importance of dental hygiene and had my teeth thoroughly cleaned by a minor process wherein pressurised water and a metallic instrument was used to clean my teeth.


The dentist said, sir don’t exert so much force while brushing, be gentle! You see brushing my teeth is a ritual. I spend a good ten minutes focusing on my day ahead and as my thoughts race up I exert tremendous pressure on my teeth. I was given two dental creams that are to be applied as a coating after brushing, these will help reduce sensitivity.

The staff are very courteous and knowledgable and I also got to drink a cup of tea! The office and the consulting chambers are well done and are fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment. I really loved the kids suite which had painting from Disney movies on the walls.



Apollo White Dental redefines dental care with its professionalism and friendly staff. Do take good care of your teeth and visit a dentist once in every six months!

Thank you Influencer Network and Apollo  White Dental!


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