“The 34th Chamber” of Maheshwara Puranam

So I am 34 🙂

The good friends of CBC made a video for me put up a collage of images and made me go all misty-eyed!

So what has changed????

Well to be honest – the last year saw Mad Max say “Hi” to C2H6O.

Some prizes won, some vouchers, as always loads of books, movies actually way lesser in number than usual.

As always the hospital-sagas continued – things by God’s grace, sister’s support and the prayers of friends are good!

I stand in a situation wherein I have won prizes in multiple events and am required to go along with a woman to claim the prizes “a movie” and “a lunch/dinner”. This has put me in such a perplexing position and for over a week I am having sleepless nights on how to muster courage and ask ‘someone’ out gently without scaring the person or sounding like a ‘creep’. With my 6.2 frame I can intimidate people very easily! I digress – let me see – “How long can I be Idhayam Murali right?” – “Yaennodu aendhuni pinakkam / Endukku miru koppa ga unarru – nu poi kaalula vizhunduda vendiyadhu dhan!!!”

I stepped back into the ring.

Now I have to find someone to put a ring on her finger and seal a deal for a life with a kiss 🙂

Seriously, I am going nuts!!!

Work-wise this is an exciting phase!!!

I don’t know – where the path leads – the prospect of walking away from all this and starting afresh as an entrepreneur is enticing, but we live in a world wherein we need to pay our bills on time! Don’t know if I can take a plunge at this crucial stage!!! Perhaps a new life in a neighbouring state???

The year will see me travelling a lot – probably alone – probably with “someone”.

Let us see how things go!

Thanks to everyone who called, messaged, WhatsApped, Facebooked – worked on videos and images – thanks 🙂 – Truly honoured and humbled – thank you!

Postscript – The gang at CBC got me a cake and a bottle full of messages as a birthday gift 🙂



How Deep is Your Love



    1. Thanks Seema 🙂 I keep things very calm and cool in about a decade or so this is the first time I have had something resembling a birthday party 🙂


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