C for Casenation Bloggers Meet

Casenation is a young and vibrant brand based out of Chennai. Set up by Mr. Amit the brand’s primary goal is to offer world-class accessories and mobile covers and cases. The event coordinated by the DInfluencer Team was organized recently and hosted and saw a good attendance. Food was good, ambience perfect and no boring presentations by Amit and just a clear focused vision on the bloggers appreciating the products on display and understanding the founder’s mission!


There were some fun-events lined up with a story to be woven out of the cases on display – Kim kardashian would die of a heart attack if she heard the story that was narrated by the enterprisingly witty bloggers at the event. Rajesh K. and Sarath Babu won prizes for their tales. The evening ended with return gifts – lovely Pierre cardin pens and personal organizers bound in leather. Very thoughtful gifts thank you Team Casenation.

My Case!


You can buy a case that you love or the remarkable wireless charger that uses NFC technology and is a must-buy for all of us who are chained to our smartphones 🙂

Thanks again to Team DInfluencer and Casenation for a wonderful evening!



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