D for Divinity in Music – A visit to the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music

This was definitely not meant for me! Heavyweights who signed up for the actual event, dropped out because of personal reasons and a vacancy was created. With the permission of the co-admins of CBC, managed to get a ticket for the event. The trickiest part of the whole deal was that particular weekend; I should have been travelling outside in the hills shooting birds; but that too got cancelled.

So the plan was that the PR-member would pick us up in a cab and fellow attendees would join us enroute. We drove, or rather the cab-driver drove, drove and drove and we were practically a stone’s throw away from Pondy 🙂


The MARG group has a mega town-ship and Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music is an integral part of the education sector within the township. Township is divided into education, industry, residences and recreation, I guess.


We proceeded for lunch in the canteen and we were treated to impromptu discussions on music among the students there. Two kids next to me were discussing timbre, scale, rhyme and rhythm and kept arguing about 2 and 2.5 with regard to specific notes! It was a sign of things to come. We had an excellent conducted tour of the facility. Got a chance to attend an actual music class.

The jackpot moment – A Session with the musical virtuoso the violinist who redefined all rules with his ten-stringed double-headed violin – L.Shankar. That 1 hour of listening to him speak was worth all the time that we had to travel back and forth to SAM.


Pic Courtesy – Chennai Bloggers Club

We saw students from around the world, music teachers who taught these students; it was a surreal environment. We thank SAM and the PR Agency for giving us a chance to visit SAM. Oh! Did I forget they serve awesome banana milk shakes in the canteen for Rs 30!


The man who does all the hard work and wears a smile and a cap – Bragadeesh

It was a long drive home, we had dinner and returned to our respective houses. A great event, thank you CBC for a wonderful opportunity!



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