E for Etc Cafe – Celebrating Food with the Chennai Bloggers Club

I can’t thank Karen enough for adding me to this motley crowd of bloggers called the Chennai Bloggers Club. How this group has grown and how some of the members are much more than mere friends to me; they are family!

So we received an invitation to sample the special ‘Seafood Festival’ that Etc Cafe has launched, in fact the bloggers got to sample the delicacies before the actual launch of the event. Now you may wonder what this “Agmark tachhi mammu paiyyan” (aamam ga youth dhan) was doing at a Seafood Festival? Well good selection of vegetarian recipes as well.


The restaurant is tastefully done hosts a boutique space as well and there are Indian games like snake and ladders that you can play to enjoy yourself as well. Ample parking space is a big plus. The owners of the establishment welcomed us and did not bore us with any long presentations and let us enjoy the food with ease!


The palak shorba/soup was amazing, the kofta was well done and the starters that involved cheese and veggies left one wanting for more. Among the juices we got muskmelon juice and cranberry orange combo I guess, which were perfectly balanced.The food – the non-veg platter was mind-blowing is what my friends said. The vegetarian food was great as well. The desserts were mind blowing there was baklava, chocolate mousse that was outstanding.


Facebook Page:

Average costs around Rs 1200. Check out their desserts and pastry counter! The sea-food meal deal was priced at Rs 999.

Address: No. 7/4, Rutland Gate, 5th Street, Behind Thousand Lights, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006
Phone:044 2833 3353

I am not a genius food blogger, I can’t shoot myriad angles of pics of food when is hot on the table and I enjoy cooking more than eating! Thanks for giving me a chance to attend this event.


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