G for “Ghosts of the Past”

Today by a brilliant act of journalism in the New Indian Express.


Listen to the embedded video clip when the heroic journalist names the group of blogger friends in Chennai.

The kind of nonsense that two of my friends and I have to undergo all through the day on WhatsApp and Facebook is ridiculous. The representative Anup says “I bulk emailed the entire group but only few replies!” The gall of people who seldom are active in the group and sudenly questioning ethics and “integrity of bloggers” is a moment of awakening. When you are an admin in a group, you are answerable to all members. We try to be as fair as possible. No one considers the hours that we put into meet brands, authors, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, the hours of travel, the emails, the calls, the driving. And we are accused in unsubtle terms that we are turning into paid bloggers who only write favourable stuff.

I am sick and tired of this nonsense and so are the other two admins! We have learnt a wonderful lesson today. There are great stylists who wear wonderful smiles, pry out information and then say it was for some other event. Yes, we are babies drinking Cerelac – thank you!

There are people in the community who silently observe everything and never comment! God knows, what pleasure they derive. When I posted the original email screenshot, I was clear, use your common sense, we have not leaked any email IDs, yet we are accused of things we did not do!

The ghosts of the past – I have a dark past, today when a goon called up and spoke to me in the filthiest of words, I disconnected. This happened thrice again; the fifth call, I used a name from the past! The voice on the other side froze; it said “Bhai… Aslam paesaraen gnyabagam irukka?” I replied – “Nalla gnyabagam irukku thambi!” Pleasantries were exchanged and then there were no further calls.

My past caught up with me today, yet again! How long till another fight? How long will I run???



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