J to Q – Making up for Lost Time

J for Johnny Quest

Kids of a certain generation will remember the cartoon. The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest with its killer title music and Jeremiah Surd as the menacing wheelchair bound villain still remain fresh in the mind.

K for Karma
What more can I say?
That has not been said before!
I am paying a heavy price!
Nothing can be undone.
Parotta and Kurma saapdra madhiri,
Be calm, breathe, go on!

L for Lekha
A memory of a character in a short story I wrote. The protagonist of the short story kills her!!

M for Madhubala
Stars may come and go,
But the timeless elegance,
That Madhubala defined,
Sigh!!! Hate Kishore da for what he did!!

N for Nimbu Paani
The humble lemon juice in water with sugar, salt, chat masala, a sprig of mint and coriander, refreshing.

O for Onions
Life cannot be imagined without onions!!

P for Pakodas
The joy of dipping sliced vegetables in spiced gram flour and frying them in oil and eating them hot of the kadaai. It is a special feeling. Onion and Gobi pakodas and cashew pakodas are very close to my heart 🙂

Q for Queen of My Hearts
Madam where are you???
Ipidiyae ponna vazhkai Aravadham kalyanam dhan!!

Happa da somehow or the other, done!!


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