India Grid for Learning Launch by Ingegno


It all started over a chat on Facebook, that led to a meeting at a cafe and then a discussion on how one man and his team of committed comrades developed a brilliant product and suite of services.

Before going into the product description and my experience of the launch event, I want readers to view this video to get an understanding of what I am writing!


Have you wondered why despite producing engineering graduates in thousands every year; all leading firms are forced to invest heavily in training new recruits to make them job-ready? Or how the educational system continues to be built on rote-learning and writing pages and pages to secure the top-rank; and how your lessons in Trigonometry and Calculus are not life-skills that are going to help you grow vegetables, or file your tax-papers, or let you design your personal website!

Roughly 10 days back, I had the honour and pleasure to be invited to attend the India launch of IGfL- The India Grid for Learning. It may be a surprise to many of you; but I started my career as an Instructional Designer and I follow the E-Learning industry with great interest. This is for one simple reason; learning should never stop and one should always be open to acquire knowledge.

There were wonderful videos that were played after a traditional lighting of the kuthu-vilakku – lamp, to signify an auspicious start and light that would dispel the darkness of ignorance. This was followed by short presentations made by Mr Venu Prasad Menon the CEO and Mr Mahesh Subramanian the CTO of Ingegno.

These are exciting times and mark my words, the coming months will see a massive change in the way schools and colleges will educate their students. Ingengno is building a strong product/service base and is sure to be a game-changer in the education sector in India.

I leave you with some more videos of the product suite on offer:



I am quite excited about the launch and am definitely going to sign up for some courses offered via Codestars!

Happy Learning! Visit – for more information!


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