Life at Ramco Blogger Meet

DInfluencer and EchovMe are setting up wonderful events for bloggers in Chennai. They started with Urban Tree, CaseNation and now Ramco Systems.

Right till the morning of the event date on Friday – April 29, I was unsure if I would be able to make it to the event. Somehow managed to make it to the event and I was truly happy that I did make it to the event. Ramco is not just about cement. Ramco Systems is a listed company and they are not a KPO or BPO but a software maker and they are the world’s second largest aviation software firm! So next time you take a flight, thank the good folks at Ramco Systems for your safe flight!

The company fell into bad times about five years back with year-on-year losses as the top-brass changed and new fresh thinkers came in – read Virender Aggarwal the CEO.

The past three years have seen a transformation of fortunes for Ramco Systems, there was a massive internal clean-up of sorts with non-performers being removed, dedicated employees being rewarded and new vibrant and go-getters being hired. The company’s image as a dull quasi-government office set-up had to be changed.

This did not happen overnight, transformation happened in phases and the results are there for all to see!

Ramco now offers a world-class work and recreation environment for its employees. From a gymnasium with fitness trainers and zumba instructors to massage therapy and the best cafe-like set-up to unwind; a lot of good things are happening! I spoke to Mr Prakash who manages the digital marketing portfolio of the firm. The focus is on happy employees, better performance with inner motivation; this translates to profits!

The event was well managed by Ramco volunteers, we got a tour of the facility, got to try our luck with cross-fit training, some zumba, boxing (the punching bag) and a massage!

The evening ended with sandwiches, dhoklas and samosas and lots of iced tea. We were all given a box of homemade chocolates and a metallic water bottle as a souvenir!

All participants have been promised a Rs 500 Amazon voucher and all those who write a blog post about their experience have been promised an additional Rs 500 voucher. That’s truly generous of Ramco! Thanks for a lovely evening!

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