On New Starts and Memories of the Past

Not sure if a lot of you noticed but overnight, I deleted ten years of memories and posts compiled first on Blogger/Blogspot and then here by a click.


I felt it was time to make a new start as a lot of my writing was borderline negative with too much of negative energy emanating from the writing; it was making people worry insanely and it felt that I was craving for sympathy of sorts!

Well, I do not know how to put this! What you see here is an extension of my life. Very few people have actually met me in person or interacted directly with me. This persona is just one convenient mask that I wear. Deep down, I am as human, as good and as bad as all of you are? I have the same passion, same cravings, same guilt and anger that you feel/undergo!

I am sick and tired of being placed on a pedestal of sorts by everyone who meets me! I am immediately type-cast as the good-brother or the serious thinker/philosopher types by people who have met just once or twice or who are friends of friends. Do you know what kind of pressure that puts on me? I am automatically brother-zoned by all the lovely ladies, I am automatically placed as the serious – no-nonsense guy by the guys!

So in essence what happens is my friends are either the children who are in school or seniors who are 45 plus; I am able to converse with ease with only these two categories of people! Common age-group comrades have kind of partitioned me out of the fun, games, entertainment that they indulge in!

Damn! As always, I start with something in mind and I type out something else!

I had a back-up of the old posts, I have re-imported the file, I will be deleting a few posts and the rest of the posts will be reintegrated within the blog!

Cheers to life 🙂




  1. We are not what others think we are.We are also not what we think we are.We are what we are with all the virtues and imperfections like anyone else.
    Let us not put a veneer of perfection or suffer from a sense of isolation.Let us speak the truth and speak the pleasant to spread cheer around.That way most in all age groups, especially those of your age bracket will gravitate towards you if there is common interest.
    You are young, knowledgeable and write interestingly well and your fan list is bound to swell.Start looking at the blessings bestowed on you.


    1. Dear KP Sir,

      Thanks a ton for your kind words!

      With your blessings and that of my friends, I find positivity amidst the darkness that engulfs me. Thank you 🙂


  2. Yoo what is that picture.. it is scary.

    Back to the topic, I kind of felt that you are looked by people in that “anna-zone”. Usually I don’t advice people, so take it as a tip- remove the mustache and leave a 2-3 days of beard. It’s kind of crazy, but since you are starting afresh, let’s do a make over 🙂


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