After 14 Years

May 29, a day to remember!

The day when despite a hundred problems, Nadogial Sasikumar range ku yaerangi nadathi vaecha first kalyanam.

14 years have gone by!!!

How time flies??

Annaiki, the parents from both sides cursed me and my gang of desperadoes – “Dei, sathiyama urupada mattengaeda, paethavanga vayathu-aerichal summa vidadhu ra!”

Yaendha naerathula sonnangalo theriyalai. The desperadoes are each in a different continent!

The runaway bride and the groom are happy,settled in a faraway land. Both families have not managed to let go of their respective egos and family pride.

After 14 years, groom’s mom is no more and bride’s dad is no more! Still the anger, resentment and anguish remains.

Yaendru theerum indha jaathi-vaeri!!!??

The final punch – vaazhkai da vaazhundu kaatu!!



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