One Last Time

Too much to do,
To little time,
From here to there,
From there to here,
No time for friends,
No time to chase hobbies,
No time to mentor a young one,

The clock keeps ticking,
A metaphor, a literal passage,
How long, where, when, or how!
These are questions,
Without a clear answer.
Somewhere, somehow, the soul,
Refused to listen to the mind.
The heart had been reduced,
To an organ, remitting its functions,
A long time back.

Devoid of love,
Devoid of pain,
Without anguish, hurt or spite,
He looked for a while,
At the majestic sunset,
A view from atop the cliffs,
As the waves lashed below,
He said a silent prayer,
He forgave those who had wronged him.
He sought pardon for his sins.
One last time, he smiled at himself.
Then he took a deep breath,
And jumped!



  1. Touching and sad lines written beautifully though.Why churn out a poem of such melancholy?It depresses the writer and the reader alike.


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