True Friends in the Time of Facebook Drama Queens and Kings

One wonders if real friends,

Real friendships exist any more?

Everyone seems to be seeking,

A drug called self-gratification.

The number of likes, shares and comments;

Begin to define bonding now?

You ask a question,

Out of genuine care,

I reply, you acknowledge it please.

Stop generating sympathy for yourself,

You are an adult, not a nursery kid.

If you have self-created problems,

You can very well, self-solve them.

If it is a problem caused by someone else,

Face them, need help, call, will be by your side.

Don’t create a drama worth a Shakespearean tragedy,

And then chicken out and refusing to confront your fears,

And make me look like a filtered idiot of the first order.

Friendship works two ways. 

Friendship is not sitting and watching reruns of Friends and sharing old jokes.

Life is an open door, stay if you want.

If you wish to go, leave.

Stop creating a scene and portraying yourself as a martyr.

Every single person is going through a battle of one’s own.

One doesn’t want more drama!!!

Who is a friend?

Look into the mirror,

Smile at that reflection.

Only you can be your friend.


11 thoughts on “True Friends in the Time of Facebook Drama Queens and Kings

  1. what a profound take. True that . the bloke in the mirror can either be a friend for life or our worst enemy. u’ve hit a lot of notes along the lines of what matters and what flatters.

    Can resonate with it all. We take that foolish comfort in thinking that 1000 likes and happy birthday warrants us that we are surrounded by wonderful people who love us for what we are… that bubble bursts and people wake up from their digital dream.

    those who can’t do that waking up… the rabbit hole goes deeper and they find themselves in a wonderland which is a prison from which all the ruby red shoes and all the there is no place like home , will always be too far and too little to set ourselves free

    1. Some incidents, the ones we trust the most and respect and love unconditionally, stab us in the back, pretending to know nothing. It happens – but lessons have been learnt now – and a state of complete detachment is the order of the day now.

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