NaPoWriMo – 1 – What happened?

This is an attempt to put in a month’s worth of posts – lines – masquerading as verse – blank or free or hogwash and humbug, I leave it up to you.
I don’t have too many friends.

My inner circle is very tightly knit.

A guy and a girl, as good as my younger brother and sister.

Are/Were (only they can tell) in this group.

I would gladly kill for either of them.

They were the best of pals.

Inspiring each other, complementing each other.

We need to realize that a grown man and woman, can still remain friends.

It hurts me to no end,

To see them breaking up their beautiful bond.

No one tells me anything!

Like an old uncle, I am kept away,

From the chaos that has spread like wildfire.

It has reached a point, where they will,

Tear each other apart!

Still – I wish time would heal.

And they would remain good friends.



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