NaPoWriMo – 3 – Memories of Writers – Old and New

You know it seems ironical,
That someone as gentle,
As sensible as you,
Would fall into a self-created pit,
As your hubris reached new heights.
You created enemies of best friends.

In your vicious web,
Fell so many victims,
You smile away to glory,
Those who stand next to you today,
Don’t realise the manipulative genius,
That lies hidden in your diabolic mind.

It riles me up to no end,
To think, that I have fought,
On your behalf so many times,
And then finally to what end?
I like others am – one more,
Statistic – in your long list of friends,
Who have been blocked, banned, trampled upon.

Memories are funny things,
Pictures freeze a moment in time.
I look back at pictures,
And hold back a tear,
As I wonder at what life would have been,
If I had not been an idiot,
If you had not played a vicious trick.

As you surmount new peaks of professional success,
Personal joys and glory,
All that I can say and wish for you,
Is to find inner peace and joy.
Because eventually I hope you will,
Find wisdom someday and realize,
Who wronged whom and whose ego,
Reached a peak from which there is no return!

All the best as always!


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