Dear Zindagi -Who’s your Jug? On Friendship – Panchatanthiram

When BlogAdda announced this contest, I was perplexed. In reality, I do not have too many friends. Friends who were close enough once upon a time, have moved on focusing on their lives and new friends. Facebook, Twitter and Blog friends and friends in reality are two different variables.

Then what is a constant???

‘Friendship’ in itself is a tough word to define. As individuals, we grow, physically, mentally, we evolve over a period of time. Our preferences change, with age, hormones play their trick. The five year-old girl in a frock with whom you used to play hide-and-seek when you were five years old as well, changes into a young woman over the next 15 years. The same holds good for boys as well. Chaddi-yaar – underwear-friends at the age of five and at the age of twenty have two completely different connotations in the modern world.

Everyone seems to be leading a dual life! One in reality and one on Facebook!

I seem to digress, or am I on track? How do you define who a friend is?? Is it someone with whom you can share your darkest secrets and all he/she does is listen to you patiently and then says – “Chood yaar! Chal ek sutta maartey hain phir ek beer – sab theek ho jaayega!” — Or is it the chap who says — “Matchaan, for Pete’s sake – get over her – she is not the only girl in the whole wide universe!”

Is it the friend who keeps messaging you to check if you are home after a late-night? Is it the friend who ensures you get the larger slice of cake when you go for a party? Is he/she a friend who keeps reminding you to wear a helmet when you ride the bike? He/she shares the best novels/music/film DVDs. All these are passing clouds in this moment called life.

What defines a friendship?? Lending money in tough times? Donating blood when needed?? Ensuring that he/she does not end up in bad company?? What is friendship?? Who is Jug??? And how does one assume that it is just one person?? Why can’t it be a group of inseparables??

For the purpose of this post, I would like to tag five friends – ‘Panchathanthiram’.

Bragadeesh. He is an entrepreneur managing sales and business development for a digital marketing firm. In addition, he is a published novelist, a cinema-buff, poet, player of the flute and an avid photographer as well. At various points of his life he has dabbled in managing a restaurant, selling fire-crackers online, working as a tour-planner and also coordinated wedding shoots.

Someone who does not necessarily display his warmth outwardly, he is a thinker who plans out surprises for his friends. Be it a birthday treat or a surprise movie get-together, it is tough to beat his planning skills and resource-utilization efforts.

The friend with whom I share a deep bond of admiration and respect is Dr. Ganesh. He is a qualified facial reconstruction specialist. I hope I got the term right! A humour writer with many popular blog posts to his credit, an avid photographer, active quizzer and a repository of information on Chennai and its history.

Jothivel – A traveller, web-designer, arts-enthusiast, historian focusing on ancient Tamil culture, political commentator, movie-buff, ham-radio operator and avid photographer. He offers words of wisdom when there is doubt and is a pillar of support in the Chennai blogging community. He has travelled more than 70% of India by car.

Vinod – A professional photographer, traveller and techie. He quit his IT job to explore his passion of photography and is a prominent wedding photographer based out of Chennai. Very calm in approach, silent, speaks very little but offers guidance to everyone. A regular Sabarimalai devotee as well.

Prason – An engineer, a corporate communications specialist, stand-up comedian, singer and guitarist, fashion-blogger, spiritual blogger, humourist since 1982. There are lots of adjectives to describe him. Someone who embodies wit and sarcasm in equal measure a rising figure in the Chennai stand-up comedy circle.

This is my group of five friends – the ‘Juggers’ or shall I call them ‘Jugheads’.

Har ek dost zaroori hota hai!

Thanks for being a part of my life!

“I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda




  1. I never thought, I will ever make it to in this list. Happy to be your friend.

    I guess we both are sailing in the same sized boat but little far apart.

    Let’s face life. And discuss the same in one year’s time, but offline, a call or meet in-person 🙂


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