Rains, tears, times, friendships lost!

How a year changes things?
Friends no longer friends,
Blocked, banned, ignored,
Wiped, scorned and deleted.
It pains me to no end,

Why? Why? Why would I,
Invest so much in a friendship,
Emotions, love, respect, time.
And why is it that people,
Can get so easily influenced,
And judge me with such remarkable ease!

We all pay for our sins,
I fully agree to the theory,
But where is that I went wrong?
At least give me a clear answer,
Tell me why my friendship,
Is no longer of consequence,
In any way to you!

Don’t I even owe the courtesy,
Of at least knowing,
What is it that I said,
Or I did, sparked of anger,
Such intense and heated,
That I do not even,
Merit worthiness of a reply,
From you!! I have no answers.

I continue to be losing people,
One after the other,
The ones that I have trusted,
The most – have always,
Managed to let me down,
The most, without fail.
I look at myself,
And wonder, with so many losses,
Well – It is I who am to blame.

Yes, that is the only answer.
Clear as sunshine,
I am the one who is flawed,
I do not deserve,
Your friendship,
Or of others, who worship you.
For I am a negative influence,
Who preys on unsuspecting minds.
So it is best for me to just shut up.
And smile, and pretend that – “All is Well”.




  1. Intense! Whosoever you have addressed to will definitely understand what you’ve been feeling after the separation, if they get to read it. World is too small Mahesh. What goes around will come back, when you’ve subconsciously conquered what this situation in life was designed for.


  2. All my feelings few months ago, you have jotted it all down so perfectly anna… But yes, it is very intense… Thank God, my bestie and I have compromised and are hanging out often.. but still, the pain of me being hurt still remains and it does pierce through me so hard sometimes šŸ™‚


    1. Happy that you are back with your bestie. At times, we need to learn to blank out everyone, emotional folks suffer the most, because we are frank and honest.


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