The Movies I Enjoyed in 2016

No specific order, no rhyme or reason, no money received from any producer, not a fan of anyone in particular since Raghuvaran died! So here are the movies I loved watching in 2016.

Joker — For narrating a tale in a bitter-sweet-bitter manner, the truth remains that corruption will never be weeded out, any voice of reason or sanity or honesty will be snuffed out.

Visaaranai — For rekindling the fear of the system, for the sound engineering that made the audience feel the pain, for Samuthirakani who is caught between the devil and the deep sea and is one more expendable.

Maheshinte Prathikaram — Fahad nails it as a photographer in a small town. Believable tale, lovely songs and picturisation, and a refreshing new actress in the form of Aparna takes her baby steps in cinema.

Anuragakarukin Vaellam — Because we need super-cool dads, because romance never dies, because first love remains special, because love has to be given a chance and life has to move on. Biju Menon and Asif do a great job.

Pink — Because – “No means no” — A painful reminder of how the system treats women and Big B with his commanding baritone nails it.

MS Dhoni — For Sushant who nails the legend’s mannerisms – effective CGI and a treasure for all MSD fans. Now who will make the movie on Dravid???

Oru Mutthasi Gada — Hilarious, slice-of-life and two grannies fulfilling a bucket-list and a super-cameo by Vineeth and his dad Sreenivasan.

Saala Khadoos/Irudi Suttru — Madhavan nails the boxing coach’s role and in Ritika Singh we find a star who expresses a lot with her eyes and the frown.

La La Land — A VTV of sorts to put it in perspective with a local flavour. Song and dance – Hollywood nostalgia.

Dr. Strange for giving us a new superhero though the bargaining sequence drew hilarious comparisons to Robo Shankar in Vellainu Vandhuta Vellaikaran.

Train to Busan — One weird ride in zombie-land.

Cheers folks may 2017 bring you lots of movies, new flavours of pop-corn and discounts on movie-tickets 🙂




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