C for Chandralekha

SS Vasan the doyen of Gemini Studios literally sold and mortgaged even his dear mother’s jewels to ensure that this movie saw the light of day and released.

A movie on a scale, never ever seen in India till then and rupee for rupee if you see today’s currency rates, one of the most expensive movies made in India.

Starring MK Radha, TR Rajakumari and Ranjan, this blockbuster had a troubled history with stars changing, scenes chopped and added, the director changing, it seemed to be doomed, bu fortune favours the brave!

A tale of princes, of kingdoms at war, of love lost and found, of treachery, gypsies, dancers, sword fights, the movie was a mix of all the essential elements of a fairy adventure tale of sorts.

Do see this drum dance scene and understand scale of technology in 1948 to understand the impact and costs.

The movie was dubbed in Hindi, Japanese, Danish as well, a trimmed English version also released.

The movie inspired similar tales across India and was instrumental in the success story that SSV and Gemini would become.

Watch the movie 🙂


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